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HowToCritique Cards

Credits to: How to Critique and Cards Against Humanity

An Interactive way to present guidance on how to give and receive critique.

howtocritique website.png was created as a guide for people to give and receive effective critique. It offers critique vocab, printable posters, and an introduction guide for classrooms and workplace environments.

Lack of Interaction

However, there was an element of interaction that was missing from the website and posters. In order to address the lack of tangible interaction, I designed a deck of cards in the classic style of "Cards against Humanity" as a way to test a new interactive way to utilize the information in HowToCritique.

Testing Different Designs

I tested 2 different ways to use the cards: One set of cards were labelled with numbers so they can be used with dice, and another set of cards that were unlabelled so they can be used freely.


The Product


Classroom Interaction and Testing

We took both sets of card into a design classroom at Olin college and found that the students preferred the numbered cards, as they were easier to focus on. 

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