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In this project, I designed and created a lunch tray holder for Bobby, a fourth grader who uses crutches to get around. I learned about the importance of creating co-design materials, and how to best create a co-design kit.




In our first meeting with Bobby, we brought a box of prototyping tools and Bobby was able to physically express what kind of product he wanted to see. He utilized the straps and boards and knew exactly what he wanted.



Given the sketch model we created with Bobby, we started to iterate on different variations and possibilities with more robust prototyping materials. On the left, we experimented with a wire strap, and on the right we experimented with a fabric strap.

Screen Shot 2022-12-08 at 12.30.53 AM.png



For our second co-design, Bobby tested these prototypes and expressed a preference for the wire strap. The fabric straps also performed very well, but we decided to go forward with his suggestions and experiment.


Design 1

Here we created our first design iteration of the tray holder with a metal phone stand. 



Testing at cafeteria

Bobby took the first design we created and tested it at his school cafeteria, and immediately found that it was too bouncy. An apple falls off right off the bat. 


Final Design

We made the final design out of wood, given that our initial acrylic board prototype broke before testing, and went with the adjustable velcro straps. I sewed the straps and painted the tray holder orange as per Bobby's request.

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