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Design Nature:
Hopper Project

The hopper project is an introduction to biomimicry. As a class, we studied different creatures that jumped, and called them "hoppers." Based on our research, we eventually created our own mechanical "hoppers" that would jump on its own. My personal design goal was to make the hopper land on its feet.


Research and sketches

The most notable inspiration for my hopper was the click beetle. I studied the mechanics of how a click beetle flips into the air, and sketched a few ideas out.

Scanned from a Xerox Multifunction Printer (9).jpg


Brainstorming: Sketchmodels

Creating sketchmodels as a way to help visualize how these mechanical hoppers might work. Practicing rapid prototyping skills.

73370658_544104686421537_4965340175405154304_n - Copy.jpg
20190913_121645 (1).png
20191003_140526 (1).jpg


Prototype 1 and 2

I created an initial prototype on the left with all hand cut and drilled pieces to get a semi functioning hopper. It fell apart since it was too flimsy. So I made iterations to the design and laser cut the second prototype on the right. It was more sturdy and powerful.


Final Design and CAD

My final design had 3 sides to reduce weight, and a wider base since my design goal was to make the hopper land on its "feet." It has rubber tubing that suctions onto a wooden peg as a "trigger" to set off the jump.

73252838_1520696098070329_1699931747765977088_n - Copy.jpg


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