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MIRROR Branding

The MIRROR is a project and space centered around making STEM and makerspaces more accessible for students in the Cambridge area. They seek to close the gap between the biomedical and tech companies in Cambridge and the underrepresented residents of Cambridge.

Identity Deck



Creating a physical artifact

To help visualize how this logo might exist in a physical space, we laser cut a physical artifact. Our client was excited about tangrams and he saw them being reflected in the logo, so we decided to create one.

03 Creating a large artifact

There is a STEM slam event coming up that is hosted by the MIRROR, and we wanted to create a large logo that sits on stage and interacts with the audience. This logo is made out of 3-ply cardboard and will be lit up with LED lights. The triangles of the logo are detachable, so people can change the configuration, and people can also switch out the materials in the triangles.


04 The process

Here we are constructing each of the triangles out of 3-ply cardboard.


Here I spray painted all of the triangles and mounted LEDs onto one of them as a test.

After the triangles were completed and mounted the LEDs, I tested the magnets to see if they were strong enough for the modular connections, as well as interchanging the panels.

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