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Engineering for Humanity

StepUp is a product that our team designed specifically for and with Harry, our community partner. We learned how to co-design with our clients and battle real world problems involving accessibility and aging. Designing for accessibility not only assist those who are in need, but also supports the greater community.

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This is Harry

Harry is a retired engineer, and he wanted to get in touch with his engineering background in order to help us design a product that would make his life easier, and for other members of the community.

Harry's wants and needs

Harry dislikes using his cane because it makes him feel old, but he is required to use it by his neurologist. He values his independence, and he's a very healthy and active man. Together, we decided that we would make a functional gadget that makes his cane feel less of a burden while allowing him to stay safe.


From prototype...


...To final design

The Product


The Design

StepUp is attachable cane base that fits most canes. It allows people to pick up their canes without bending over and straining their back. It's a 3D printed part, so anyone can create it as long as they have access to a 3D printer. 


Trial, Error, Codesign

I designed several prototypes in SolidWorks(CAD) and 3D printed various iterations of the StepUp attachment. Every week, we would have co-design sessions with Harry, both on zoom and in person. He would test the product and give us feedback and design direction.

Final Product Video

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