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Artboard 1bluesamoscomm.png


For Olin College's office of communication, I was prompted to create a set of poster designs representing Olin College that would be posted on the windows around campus. 

Academic Center Main Entrance

Artboard 4pinkoscomm.png
Artboard 2pinkoscomm.png
Artboard 1pinkoscomm.png
Artboard 3pinkoscomm.png

Academic Center Left Entrance

Academic Center Right Entrance

Artboard 3greencarlososcomm.png
Artboard 1greencarlososcomm.png
Artboard 1 copygreencarlososcomm.png

Milas Hall Main Entrance

Campus Center Main Entrance

Artboard 1bluesamscomm.png
Artboard 1bluegildacomm.png
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